Professional Dog Training

Professional Dog Training Services in Oklahoma

At Reizarf Kennels, we offer professional dog training services by an experienced dog trainer. With experience in basic dog training foundations as well as more advanced operational dog training, Andy is sure to be the right fit for any dog in need of professional assistance. He trains all breeds! This is a common question we get asked! We breed German Shepherds so people often wonder if that’s all we train-nope! We’ll love and train them all! We train breeds that include but are not limited to: German Shepherds, Dutch Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, Cane Corsos, Malinois, Pits, Schnauzers. Any size, any breed! 

Professional Dog Training Services in Oklahoma

Types Of Dog Training Courses

Here at Reizarf kennels we specialize in many different types of dog training. Andy is a highly successful and well-balanced trainer! Below are some of the training courses we offer:

Dog Obedience Training

We do balanced training, meaning there are positive as well as negative consequences. It is by far more positive reinforcement, but negative is often necessary because you simply cannot change a negative behavior with a positive. The goal is that your dog produce the results you want, and them to be happy about doing it! 

  • Bare Bones Package – $1000 for Board and Train (this usually takes 4-6 weeks, we do not charge extra if it takes longer) or $350 for 6 private classes. Your dog will be able to walk on a leash without pulling, sit/stay, down/stay, and come when called. Classes usually last 30-45 minutes, and time permitting we work on any other issues or habits like jumping, crate training, social behavior, etc. This is our most popular package!
  • Family Dog Package – $1800 for Board and Train, it usually takes 8-10 weeks. This package is a blend of on leash and remote collar training. The obedience adds to the basic obedience package and enhances it by the option of your dog doing some of the commands off leash. The most popular one is the come command. It feels great knowing you can call your dog to you when they’re off leash!
  • Dream Dog Package – $2500 for Board and Train, it normally takes 3 months. This is an off leash package. Your dog will travel to new places to show off their abilities! I’m addition to basic on leash obedience, down/stays are 30 minutes, your dog will heel, how to greet people politely, how to act around new dogs, and have the proper overall demeanor no matter where you are. The pup will do all commands in places they have never been to, like a park or Lowe’s.

Dog Protection Training

Protection training is done by private class only and is $80 per class. Occasionally on the weekend we have a group class for $40 each dog. We no longer offer board and train for protection training because our second decoy (our son) moved away to college. Andy is a certified decoy. It is important to finish protection training, so a commitment must be made before we continue after the evaluation.

A dog must be at least 8 months old for an evaluation. Great drives help them be a better personal protection dog, but a stable temperament is a must. A properly trained protection dog can go anywhere and no one knows what he/she can do unless the situation calls for the owner to need physical protection. It is a beautiful and deeply bonding process when your dog has such an important role in the family! 

Schutzhund (IPO / IPG) Training

Schutzhund training is $80 per private class. Board and Train is an option as well. An evaluation would help determine how long it would take. It normally takes 1-2 years to fully title a dog. This is a meticulous sport and certainly an accomplishment any owner would be proud of! Schutzhund is a sport where the dog and handler receive a title for passing all 3 phases of tracking, obedience, and protection. We have blinds, dumbbells, a wall, a jump, and all other equipment necessary for training. Andy has trained and titled many dogs in schutzhund. Schutzhund is a sport originally created as a breed test for the German Shepherd, but any breed is eligible to obtain the title. 

Search & Rescue

We offer private classes for search and rescue for $80 each. If a dog is trained in search and rescue and just needs a refresher, we’re happy to help with that too! Evaluations are free. A dog must have high hunt drive to be successful, and high toy drive is preferred. 

Police K9 Training

We train police K9s for law enforcement only. We occasionally have a police K9 available for sale. Police K9’s can be trained in officer protection, tracking, narcotic detection, or all 3. Proof of current certification is required and your police chief will be contacted to ensure you’re in good standing before training or sales are discussed.

Tracking & Trailing Training

We offer private classes for tracking and trailing. They are $80 per class. Your dog can receive a free evaluation to determine if they have the drives to pursue this. Approved dogs can learn to track people, deer sheds, blood (for deer hunters, for example), and things like that.

Behavior Modification Training

Andy’s expertise I suppose would be in this area. He’s very smart and knows the difference between good and bad aggression, and what to do in every scenario. Andy is well known in the area for not turning down a dog for training because of aggressive behavior. He has saved many “aggressive” dogs from being euthanized because of his his knowledge and his ability to teach owners how to read their dog and react with confidence. Behavior Modification classes are $80 each, but can be included in an obedience package.

Meet Your Dog Trainer Andy

Andy has been training dogs for 20 years. He began by training in the sport of schutzhund (tracking, obedience, and protection), getting titles up to a schutzhund 3, which is the highest title achievable. He has trained several dual purpose k9’s that are currently working in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas, and Florida. He has been training professionally for the public for 10 years. In those 10 years he has trained around a thousand dogs. Our business has grown largely by word of mouth from satisfied customers. He trains dogs for obedience, personal protection, schutzhund, psa, search & rescue, police k9’s, tracking, trailing, and behavior modification. If Andy had a specialty it would be aggressive dogs. He isn’t afraid and with his profound knowledge he knows how to handle them and help them understand what is allowed and not allowed. He has never turned an aggressive dog away and has been a final stop for multiple misunderstood dogs. Andy has been an American Kennel Club evaluator for 4 years and can give the obedience titles of STAR Puppy, Canine Good Citizen, Community Canine, and Canine Good Citizen-Urban. Training dogs is his passion!

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